Weekly info and news (2nd week)

Hello Quakers!

Starting week is more or less successfully done and over. Sunday was our definitely most busiest day with 7 matches played, while our streamers (thewookster and Hypertension) managed to catch 4 of those matches. Special thanks to our iFT supervisors team (LadyQuinn and Turbulence) on matches well controlled and their patience with each match lasting around 1 hour to hour and half. For next weeks, please try to organize your matches before sunday. In that way you will make our supervising job more easier and also you won’t worry about last day no-show and possible forfeiting the match.

On other hand, we noticed a few problems with our cup contestants. So we decided to inform everyone and warn about breaking some official and maybe unofficial but equally important cup rules;

  1. “1.6. Abusive behavior towards a Cup administrator or opponent, at any time during the cup season, can be punished by the supervisor.”
  2. “4.4. Players must use their main accounts on Quake Live to attend their Cup matches. By main
    account we typically mean the player’s first account. In case that is not possible due to
    difficulties with logging in, contact the supervisor as soon as possible.” with addition of
  3. “4.9. Any attempt by a clan to deceive the Supervisors by letting a player fake nick, or providing
    deliberately false information (including faking match scores) will result in the clan being
    removed from the cup. Additionally any players involved in the match may be banned if it can
    be proven that they were aware of an attempt to break the rules. If this attempted deceit
    occurred in the last week of group matches or later then the player(s) will also be banned
    from the next cup season.”

– to be clear on this; any team or player needs to report their new or fake nick to admins or supervisors before cup starts

Also, we got few complaints about points counting system. We will consider it and try to find best solution before the end of the group stage.

Have fun and good luck in next games!
Your OverFrag crew


Humble person :D