Weekly info and news – Easter is coming

Hello Quakers!

After our 2nd week ended, we decided to spread this 3rd round on 2 weeks. There are a few reasons for decision like this:

  • Easter is coming so maybe some players will be unavailable for matches and spending more time away from computer or with family.
  • Also we concluded that this “last day” matches scheduling is not working for anyone. It just makes a big mess between clans and supervisors, so we will prepare some different organizational way starting from this 3rd round.
  • And last, our forum on website is ready, so we are introducing a new additional rule for arranging matches; “Each clan that participates in OF cup needs to be registered with min. one representative on overfrag forum so that matches could be successfully arranged”. Forum can be used for other discussions related or non-related to cup.

Tomorrow we got a new post about dealing with fake nickers and suspicious new profiles. Also we will inform you about new changes in points system. (postponed for thursday)

Have fun, don’t cheat and respect your gaming community!
Your OverFrag crew


Humble person :D