Weekly info and news – group stage almost over

Hello Quakers!

Another week has past by and it’s already time to prepare for round 5!
Some clans like, qTp, FtF, dx, FCS and hrs have used their wild cards but there are a lot of other clans who have worked hard to get enough players for the matches. We like to therefore give you all a thumbs up for a great management and also hope that everyone keeps this essence and great enthusiasm.
We like to also thank our streamers and server hosts for not only being there when needed but also for doing a very good work giving us the entertainment we love!


Clan leaders! As we do now have a forum it would be great if you could forward this to your members and tell them to sign up to keep themselves updated on new information and news. The forum is not only for cup related matters but also to chat, have fun and bring the community closer. Therefore the more the merrier!

Scheduling Matches

Scheduling matches should all be done from now on on Forum/ iFT section. It is much smoother and you can come to an agreement without any misunderstandings.
If you have already scheduled a match then make a topic about it on forum so we know what time and date the match will be played.  It will make it easier for us, admins to know when all the matches will be played so we can be prepared and have a supervisor ready.


A few players like reva, luukie, h1ghguy and others will make a showcase and cam themselves to show how it can be done. It is also to show that it is not a big deal at all and certainly not a problem if you are a clean player.

Your OverFrag crew


Humble person :D