“iFT meets iCTF” OverFrag campaign

Starting from tonight, OverFrag is opening a new campaign called “iFT meets iCTF”. Since we are all actually one instagib community gathered under OverFrag org., our crew decided to merge players from both modes in different activities and campaigns. This time we will try to help iCTF mode in partly returning some old popularity that has left behind in recent years. Since iFT is again on stable road to success with solid number of daily active players and still rising, few of our supervisors and also leaders of known iFT clans will open a servers in iCTF and also invite their members to come there and to hob-nob in casual matches. We will set some less used maps and some new ones introduced yesterday by id (special thanks to one and only, our Q50 😛 ). Enjoy folks!

Your OverFrag crew


Humble person :D