OverFrag spring season 2015

And here we are, OF spring season 2015 is slowly closing with final matches in iCTF and semifinals for iFT.

iCTF finals: Last season champions D1CKS (d1) vs most successful Instagib clan in recent history Synergy (syn)
Match is scheduled and confirmed for tuesday 26th may at 21:00 CET
3d place: Last season finalists Crazy eight (.[8].) vs the mostly unknown insta players gathered under Next (nXt.)
Match is scheduled and confirmed for monday 25th at 21:00 CET

iFT still semifinal pairs are:
Royal Elite (RE) vs winner between Lost clan (Lost) vs Dioxide (dx)
Frozen Chillers (FCS) vs Synergy (syn)


As we mentioned before, this season cup is sponsored by id and syncerror. Prizes will be spread over the 1st three positions in both modes. Here is the the list of prizes by each place:
1st place iFT/iCTF – 2 x 1 year and 2 x 6 months QL tokens/subscriptions
2nd place iFT/iCTF – 4 x 6 months QL tokens/subscriptions
3rd place iFT/iCTF – 4 x 1 month QL tokens/subscriptions

We hope that everyone will be happy with prizes for this season and we promise that we will try to raise the bar with next season 😉
Your OverFrag crew


Humble person :D