More or less successful OverFrag season

Hello everyone! We are coming a bit late with this article, but better ever than never. OF spring season is over, QL tokens have finally found their rightful owners and OF crew is having a little timeout. But not for too long because we are working on some new ideas for summer competing. “Pickup ladders controlled by server bot” is our new project that we are still working on. Opening and release date is not yet known but we will inform you all as soon as it’s ready. Next standard autumn OF season is starting around september/october and we are preparing some new surprises for whole community and even wider. Just follow us on this page, via facebook or on our forum and you will find all informations on time. So, here are the final results and standings for iFT/iCTF OF spring season;

Mode: iFT
Supreme Champion: synergy!
Worthy Adversary: Royal Elite
Maybe Next Time: FCS
4th place: dioxide

Mode: iCTF
Supreme Champion: D1CKS
Worthy Adversary: synergy!
Maybe Next Time: Crazy Eight
4th place: nXt.

Award for fair play: FCS and qTp
Lionheart award: FTF (for games in iCTF)
Special discovery: RevasluoS (best caster you can wish for)

Congratulations to the winners in both modes!

OF crew is looking for additional players with all kind of skills (programming, graph designing, writing, marketing, etc), so be free to contact us on PM in quake or on

Enjoy your summer!
Your OverFrag crew


Humble person :D