OverFrag autumn cup has ended

OverFrag Autumn cup is sadly finished. We proudly present and thank to Synergy!, eNvy, First To Fight, FCS, Papaya United, Tu154, iFA, Lost Clan, Royal Elite, Not Quick Enough, Next Chapter, InstaFreeze, qrunk insta, Crazy Eight, dioxide and InstaCore for their participation.

Here comes a little summary of this memorable event. For the iFT side it finished with a little bit of a suspense at the final match between Synergy! and Royal Elite. Syn finished on 1st place while RE reached and deserved their 2nd place. Team nQe finished on 3rd place.
For the iCTF side, amazingly once more on the podium, Synergy! at the 1st place, while the Crazy Eight has only one loss and thats final match against Synergy! making them 2nd. Dioxide reached the 3rd place after beating Next chapter and they can be really proud for reaching this position.

Once more OverFrag crew congratulate you all for your participation, hoping you enjoyed it. Special thanks to every organisator, streamers, casters and all the rest of the crew for their hard work and making this cup happen.
OverFrag will come back soon with few more events, and hope to see you all in the Nation Cup.



Humble person :D