Rocket League Cup has Started!

It is with an honor to announce that the Rocket League Cup has now started!
We have shuffled the groups and the cup round can now be played. Your team has time till next Sunday, 28th february 2016 to play against the opponent that Challonge tells you. Next round will start on Monday, the 29th, 2016.

Remember to ALWAYS schedule your matches on Here so we admins know what date and time your matches will be played for assistance and Streams.

If you are a new member on the Overfrag-forum sadly your first 3 posts have to be approved by the forum admins before you can see them, but after them it all works as it should. So if you create a topic and dont see your post, don’t panic it will be visible eventually.

Have fun and good luck in the Cup! We shall see each other in the arena :)
If you have questions, feel free to ask any available admin.