OverFrag Karaoke Night!

Have you heard? It might have been circling around for a while now, but its finally official guys! OverFrag will have a nice gathering of Karaoke night Saturday, 2016.04.09, 9PM CET! Everyone is welcome , even the ones who only likes to listen. Bring your guitar, your friends and partners because some crazy shit is about to happen!

How will it work?
– Each person will be choosing their own song to sing. They may use their own background sound as Youtube or their own instruments.
– All singers have to private message the admin of the karaoke if they want to participate. The admin will then put the singers on the list and they will then have to wait for their turn.
– When everyone has sung there will be a vote – the link to the votepoll will be sent by the admin.
– The winner of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be put on the ranked list. This list will be saved for more upcoming karaoke nights for everyone to see. There is a high possiblity of prizes to be involved.

The Karaoke will be held on our OverFrag Teamspeak server:
Password: overfrag