Nations Cup 2015/16 has come to an end!

Better late than never! All good stories come to an end, so does the Nations Cup 2015/16. We would like to thank every nation taking part in our Nations Cup. A special thanks to each Captain of all the countrys participating. We know its not an easy task to schedule with (some) players u basically didn’t know before the cup.

We had a lot of fun during the Cup with some additional excitement created by all different kind of drama. I won’t specify every single one of them but it was too much to take for just one cup. That’s for sure! We as admins were trying to handle each stituation the best we could but afterall you have to admit to yourself that this tournament is held with a rather small community and we are not a professional league. We are doing this voluntarily and its already a big sacrifice to spent time with the usual stuff such as organizing the cup with providing streams and having an eye on all schedules. Each additional occurance has a big impact to our privat life and we can’t just take some time off to handle all the shit how it’s supposed to be done. I hope you are able to relate to us. Let’s hope we can learn and progress from here. The Spring Cup so far went pretty smooth.. *knocking on wood*

Today we are finally announcing the winners of the Nations Cup 2015/16.

The iCTF Nations Cup Winner 2015/16 is Team Netherlands!
Congratulations to the whole team and a shoutout to kyzer for trying to help realizing a Grand Final till the last second. Unfortunately all reasonable efforts didnt help and we had to make it a forfeit. Nonetheless, thank you.


Final Standings iCTF 2015/16

  1. Team Netherlands
  2. Team Hungary
  3. Team Poland

The iFT Nations Cup Winner 2015/16 is Team Russia!
Congratulations to the whole team! Russia made the second place in group and fought their way to the grand finals. No drama, no nothing just a very solid team. Thank you!


Final Standings iFT 2015/16

  1. Team Russia
  2. Team Hungary
  3. Team Estonia

Thanks to all the streamers and casters, all the people that contributed and helped realizing this Cup and of course to all the followers and players keeping the community alive.


OverFrag Crew