UPDATE//////OverFrag iTDM 3v3 Tournament 1

UPDATE: Unfortunately because of the current state of affairs, the inactivity of most of the Teams during the summer, we will NOT host the iTDM Cup at the regular date!! The occurence of the iTDM Cup is up in the air and for now postponed to a uncertain date.

Sorry for not seeing it coming and underestimating the inactivity. Quite a fail. Im sure you will understand that ist pointless at the Moment.

Thank you!!
OverFrag Flippi


We are happy to announce the OverFrag iTDM 3v3 Tournament today. YES, we are trying something new here and are as curious as you guys to see how it will work out and if teams will register and show up on gameday! Let’s just think positive and hope the best :-)

When: Sunday, 24.07.2016 at 17 CEST
Sign-up: starting today
Check-In: 1 hour, starting at 16 CEST
Format: Double Elimination (with Loserbracket)
Mappool: -to be announced-
RULES HERE: iTDM Tournament rules

Winner will be announced the same day. The whole event will take place on sunday evening 24.07.2016. It’s possible to play with iTDM factory on all servers of Rzeka (pickup, dM, Happy Fragging) and Marech (Clan iNs). Since we are short on time cause 24.07. is getting closer we just announce it right now so players can organize their teams but the settings still can change later after we did some testing…

Register your team here: http://ictfeurope.challonge.com/OverFragiTDM1


OverFrag Crew