//UPDATE MAPPOOL // OverFrag Autumn Cups 2016

UPDATE: The voting has been done and the result stands now. Here are the updated mappools to the OverFrag Autumn Cup 2016:
iFT Mappool: campgrounds – retribution – hiddenfortress – lostworld – fr3dm1 - psidm7 - deepinside - tscabdm2 - forgotten
iCTF Mappool: japanesecastles – ironworks – shiningforces – spidercrossings – coldcathode - mkbase - siberia - infinity - futurecrossings



The preparations of the OverFrag Autumn Cups 2016 (EU) have come to an end. Today we want to share the outcome with you. The registration for the cup has opened last week and there are quite a number of teams signed up already. The sign-ups will close on Sunday 25.09.2016 at 18 CEST, and the first match week will start on Monday, 26.09.2016. Let us hope to see new teams to bring some fresh wind into the Instagib-scene. If you are looking for a team or for players to build a team you can try your luck at the OverFrag Discord server. A lot of players are still without a team at the current point of time, so better be quick.

Sign-up to the OverFrag iFT Autumn Cup 2016

Sign-up to the Overfrag iCTF Autumn Cup 2016

SOME CHANGES: We decided to expand the mappool size to the number of 9 maps for each event instead of 7. This means the map pick-/drop process will be a bit more complicated compared to the last cup, but the wider choice of maps is something that we feel contributes the teams and players big time and also makes the cup more interesting for our viewers on Twitch. We created a Discord Bot that guides you and your team through the pick/drop process to prevent mistakes from happening. This means the COMPLETE mappool and order of play will be determined BEFORE the actual match even starts. The results of each pick-/drop process will be saved and published on our website. Five maps of the mappool will be decided by admin decision and the remaining four maps will be determined with a vote by the team captains (The vote will again have a separate vote with different maps versions for 7plus/retri, lostworld/pro-q3dm13 etc.). You can now suggest maps that you would like to see in the mappool by private messaging OverFrag Flippi on Discord.


iFT Mappool:

campgrounds – retribution – hiddenfortress – lostworld – fr3dm1 + 4 due to vote


iCTF Mappool:

japanesecastles – ironworks – shiningforces – spidercrossings – coldcathode + 4 due to vote


ABOUT THE CUP SYSTEM: We will reserve to perhaps change the cup system to double-elimination instead of single-elimination. It kind of depends on how many teams will participate because with double elimination the cup might last too long.

The Rules of the OverFrag Autumn Cups 2016


  1. Instagib iFT and iCTF Cup starts on Monday, 25.09.2016
  2. Find a team or player on OverFrag Discord server
  3. Mappool – 5 maps decided by admin, 4 by team captain vote
  4. Suggest maps by pm to OverFrag Flippi
  5. Discord bot to simplify pick-/drop process
  6. Cup system not decided yet. Either single or double elimination
  7. OverFrag Cup 2016 Rules