Nations Cups 2017

We are now announcing iCTF and iFT Nations Cups 2017!
Tournaments will start on 30th January. Signups closing on 27th January at 8pm.

iCTF: Click
iFT: Click

For these events we are introducing some rules (these rules are an addition to the OverFrag Rules v1.3):

  • 1. Every team is allowed to add players during any stage of the tournament.
  • 2. Every team is only allowed to add players of one specific nation except for the European teams. The European teams can only add up to two player of the same nation.
  • 3. To participate in a so called “European team”, the nation of the captain/player that wants to create or join the team, is not allowed to already have a team registered at the cup. If there already is a team registered of the same nation, then the player is not allowed to join and play for team Europe.
  • Rules: PDF

    Team up and see you in game!

    OverFrag Crew