E-mail back online

Hello Quakers! We have fixed our email functionality. Registration for both website and forum is now back fully available. Again, sorry for the inconvenience! Edit: We have manually activated following forum accounts: asd., loxotron, Sam, VeXx, NeMiSiS, mzi, shadowgirl90

Website down

Last 24 hours our server provider had serious problems at their location. Because of this website and forum were not accessible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ready, steady, go!

OverFrag Spring 2015 cups started! Map pools: iCTF 4v4: Japanese Castles, Shining Forces, Iron Works, Spider Crossings, Siberia, Troubled Waters, Courtyard iCTF 2v2: Divine Intermission, Dueling Keep, Railyard iFT 4v4: Campgrounds, Retribution, The Edge, Deep Inside, Almost Lost, Lost World,… Continue Reading