About us

The OverFrag-Organization was founded in late 2014 by a few passionate QuakeLive Instagib players, who wanted to gather the community at one central place, to play together and share the joy of the game we all love even more. OverFrag is a non-profit organization conducted by a few players that volunteer time to pursue their hobby. As the organization kept growing we also added the game title Rocket League to our repertoire to expand in other games as well. To keep things exciting for the players and viewers we consider adding even more game titles in the future. OverFrag is hosting competitive cups in all the games we cover on a regular basis. We also have shout casters ready to stream as many games as possible and try to deliver content to all our viewers and followers on All the streams are saved as VOD on our official Youtube-Account and can be watched even if you missed a livestream.

Our main goal is to keep the game of Quake alive and having a good time with all our community members in all the different games we host. If you like what we are doing, feel free to support us and be a part of OverFrag, be it in a financial way or simply by joining our community!

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Quake Live OverFrag Crew:
Lukasz ‘Luukie’ Bartosz – Admin QuakeLive Cup & Head of IT
Philipp ‘Flippi’ Trauschies – Admin QuakeLive Cup & Anything else
Anil ‘kyz’ Öztürk – maps specialist
Dmitry ‘loxotron’ Savchenko – Head of Streamers & Casters
Paul ‘AssAssin900’ Mooney – Financial- and Psychological-Department

IT-Development Team:
Piotr ‘Rzeka’ Rzeczkowski – Does alot of IT-Stuff
‘snff’ – Does IT-Stuff
Carsten ‘Cvantum’ – Does IT-Stuff

Quake Live OverFrag Streamers & Casters:
‘JunglingJay’ – Caster
Laszlo ‘ArcSten’ Milu – Streamer & Caster
‘revasluoS’ – the STAR, Streamer & Caster
‘Trouble’ – Streamer & Caster
‘G4rlock’ – Streamer & Caster
David ‘Chief’ – Streamer & Caster
‘ChillGhost’ – Streamer & Caster
‘Spaire’ – Caster
‘Henzad’ – Caster
‘LadyQuinn’ – Caster
‘Marech’ – Caster
‘D4rkyFireFly’ – Caster

Rocket League OverFrag Crew:
Ida ‘LadyQuinn’ S. – Admin for Rocket League Cup
Stefan ‘Druzil’ Radak – Admin for Rocket League Cup
Kevin ‘Blitz’ Spelkens – Admin for Rocket League Cup
Marek ‘Marech’ S. – Admin for Rocket League Cup
Arne ‘Knight_Angel – Supervisor for Rocket League Cup

Rocket League OverFrag Streamers & Casters:
Ida ‘LadyQuinn’ S. – Streamer
Kevin ‘Blitz’ Spelkens – Caster
Arne ‘Knight_Angel – Streamer & Caster
David ‘Chief’ – Streamer & Caster
Stefan ‘Druzil’ Radak – Streamer & Caster

OverFrag founders:
Luukie & Tonks



Hall of Shame (banned players):
Cheloo (_asd/teo_/te0_/paradoxal/kantemirrr/razerrr/_zyz/netS)
k0raz (Zigi_/czeslawsmigly)
razerrrrr (Chr1s)